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In these sorts of genres (the speculativey kind – yes, that’s now a word!) it becomes very easy for the worldbuilding and plot to overshadow the character. This is brilliant because it’s putting the main character up close and personal from the start. It says ‘this story might have a lot of stuff going on but the most important person here is Sylus’.

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In one word? Freaky.

YouTube Channel

...if you haven’t already done so - go read this now!! Sylus has my heart now. Such a gripping, intriguing and immersive first chapter.

About the Series

Sylus Synclaire doesn’t want to save the world.

He wants nothing more than to find the quiet, happy life he knows his son deserves. To be at peace. To find a home. To have a family.

A beacon of hope comes to him in the form of the beginning of the end.

On one fateful summer day, the world was shaken to its core. We were no longer alone and the invaders didn’t come from above.

The small west coast town of La Sombra gave birth to the horrifying Rift: A brilliant violet sliver in all of space and time. No one knew what it was, until things started coming through.

First came the Mist.

Then followed the creatures.

Finally, humanity’s response: The Riftworks.

This was the freedom Sylus was willing to take a chance on. Throwing the entirety of his old life behind, and with nothing but the clothes on his back and his son in his arms, Sylus Synclaire fled one hell only to find himself embroiled in another far more alien conflict.

Nightmares and monstrosities, both human and alien, became every day life. The wear and tear of exhaustion and constant wariness wears a person down. Despair sees inevitable.

Yet in every moment of darkness, there is always an ounce of light. A moment of truth. Sometimes that moment comes from family. Others, well, it might come from a timeless monstrosity you share your body with. Either way, what could make a person fight for a world they felt utterly scorned and betrayed by?

The answer, to Sylus, was simple.


Why a Web Series?

Now that IS the question isn’t it?

While this whole thing began almost a year ago, I began serializing it back in September of 2018. I started uploading a chapter every week averaging at about 20 minutes read time each. The idea was to make a story that would engage people and could potentially serve as a replacement for the traditional half hour television show. I wanted to serialize it. To build a community around it. To have community engagement. To make something that wasn’t just for me, but was for anyone who wanted to be a part of it. I set a deadline I met every week and used the idea of an audience that wasn’t there as reinforcement for sticking to my plans.

By December, I had finished the alpha version of my first arc. Copying it all into a single Google Docs file, I had found that I had written a novel’s length of words. Seeing this, my gears shifted. I was writing a novel now. Not a web series. I printed it out and began editing. A lot changed. I made those changes. Even more changed later. And again and again and again… Things kept changing. I stopped uploading anything at all.

That’s when I saw it. I was writing it into the ground. Again. Just as I had done with its predecessor. After a long talk with a good friend, I decided I had to go back to the format I’d begun it with. It had to be a series. For me to EVER finish it, to EVER commit to one version and write, I had to go back to making it a series. Even if I never created the community I wanted to, The Q’taxians had to go back to basics or the story would never be told. It had to remain episodic for me to stick to it. I wasn’t about to let another work be burned away. There were no more phoenixes to be born. This was it.

The Choice became clear:

Keep driving for a novel, writing it into the dirt, never being happy with it and eventually drop the entire project


Go back to where it started. As something I was doing to help myself. Something I wanted to serialize for an audience that didn’t even exist and may never exist. Something I wanted to grow some kind of community around like any other piece of media.

The answer, to me, seemed obvious. Back to basics.

Henceforth, I am committed to The Q’taxians existing as a web series online. This is how it will remain.

Ratings & Trigger Info

The Q’taxians is an LGBT Weird Fiction Web Series set in alternate present earth geared toward a mature audience. There’s nothing sexually explicit about its content, but it may not be suitable for all audiences. I will not be adding individual triggers to each chapter so assume these themes are consistent through out the series:

  • Loss of self control / “Possession”
  • LGBT characters who range in openness
  • Gender Dysphoria presented in detail
  • Same sex relationships
  • References to abusive relationships
  • Substance abuse (mainly alcohol and cigarettes. no hard drugs)
  • Course language
  • PTSD
  • Stockholm Syndrome-esque symptoms
  • Disturbing (potentially visceral) imagery
  • Depictions of violence
  • References to rape. No depictions or graphic detail.
  • References to sexual assault. No depictions or graphic detail.
  • Depictions of assault. Not sexual.
  • Damaged characters
  • Dark/Macabre humor
  • Tentacles. I don’t mention this as a joke. I know there are some people who are adverse to the idea of tendrils or tentacles as parts of a person. These appendages play a large role in the story, so if they make you uncomfortable here’s your warning.
  • Colored text lines. Certain characters have colors attributed to their dialog and actions. These colors are only active when the character is active. As such, font colors may switch between the character’s and the default black font color.

Overall, though the story itself lacks graphic sexual depictions, I would still rate it as Mature.

I hope this list gives you a good idea of what you’re getting into. If any other potential triggers arise, I’ll add them. As it stands, this is a fairly comprehensive list.

Reader’s discretion is advised.

About the Author

You approach a wooden door with a frosted glass window. Across the translucent glass are stark black letters reading “T. Jarrow ‘Author’”. You slowly open the creaking door to find a dark office lit only by the dim glow of a banker’s lamp set on a solid wood desk. Black ink scattered like blood on a well worn blotter. A substance that may actually be blood mixed in. A wastebasket filled to the brim with crumpled and shredded paper. The trees outside the second story window mourn their fallen brethren. A cigar sits smoking in an ash tray. It’s length burning down without the assistance of human breath. A high back chair turned toward the panoramic window behind the desk. A gruff and clearly forced voice greets you.

“Welcome. Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you…”

The chair turns slowly revealing the most intimidating figure you’ve ever seen…


Nah, just kidding. I’m probably writing this on my cluttered desk at home or at a Starbucks because this area has killed off all the small coffee shops and book stores. Huzzah for progress, am I right?

Anyway, I go by Tavorie or Tav and I already more than appreciate your interest in my project. By day, I’m a commercial laser cutter technician. By night, I’m a recovering MMO addict trying to tell my own story in a sea of stories being told.

I use to write prolifically. Some things I look back on fondly with a nostalgic sense of cringe. Others are better forgotten. The Q’taxians is my return to the story I’ve been trying to tell for most of my life. One I’ve written into the dirt multiple times. I laid the original plot to rest and like a phoenix from the ashes, the series that is The Q’taxians was born. It was the result of reclaiming my passion for writing after a very dark time in my life. After feeling the most unfulfilled and alone, that’s where The Q’taxians was born. It was a personal mental health project that actually saved me from a deep, despairing darkness.

The Q’taxians saved me.

Supporting the Series

If at any point you decide you would like to support the series, there are a few ways you can do that.
Just remember, there is ZERO obligation to EVER spend ANY money to read the series proper!

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