0.10: Pleasant Valley Sunday.

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One more time, Sylus

Sylus woke with a start. Before the inevitable wife entered the room, he ran for the window and threw himself outside. Rolling onto the grass, he was quick to right himself only to find Jeron staring directly at him.

“Sy… Sylus?”

“Jeron! Jeron!” he ran up to the startled man, “Something’s wrong, Jeron! I have to get out of here!”

Jeron looked around nervously.

“Please! Jeron… There has to be a way out!”

“I-I don’t…” he slowly lowered his hose to the ground. “I don’t understand, Sy… L-let me go get Gloria… M-maybe she can help…” He slowly backed away and into his house.

Looking down, Sylus saw himself in nothing but his underwear. In the distance, he could hear police sirens speeding down the street.

“Oh fuck me.” he grumbled before…



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