Emerald Adagio Changelog

Here you will find any plot-relevant & technical changes (excluding simple typos) made throughout the posting of Emerald Adagio.
This list will be updated as the story proceeds and any changes are made.
* Marks major plot or structure changes.

Structural Overhaul

Because part lengths varied so widely in Emerald Adagio (anywhere from ~800 to ~2k words each), I have gone back and changed some of the contents of each chapter's "parts". This resulted in the combining of other "parts" into one. The chapter that changed the most is Chapter 1. It has gone from 5 parts to 3.


The new rule of thumb for parts is as follows, this is more for writing reference than anything else:

-Chapters are as long as they must be
-Parts are now a minimum of 3k words
-Parts are now a maximum of 5k words
-Parts may exceed 5k, but they may not exceed 10k (10k words is a hard cut-off per part)
-Parts may never be less than 3k words


These numbers were derived from average chapter lengths in fiction.


The original implementation of the "Parts" system, was to avoid the behemoth that the first chapter had become (over 20k words). It was also implemented as a means of managing the overly long chapters that were posted in Arc 1. However, implementation was done in such a way that every page break was now being made into its own "part". This resulted in wildly different lengths and while there were no more long-winded chapters, the arc now suffered from very short posts that I felt weren't worth the time it took for them to post. I believe this new approach will make sure that every chapter can be as long as it has to be, while creating realistic parts for readers. 10k+ chapters will still exist, but they will now be broken down into parts according to the rules above. I believe this will serve as a decent middle-ground between the original novelette chapters and the new micro-chapters. Some chapters will not have parts at all as they fall within a reasonable length.


I may be coming out with a new terminology system to refer to these segments as chapters and parts may be easily confused. I will likely return to the old ways of a episodes vs parts. Somehow that offers more clarity in my mind than saying a chapter has individual parts. As it stands, the parts are more like chapters and the chapters are more like novelettes. Should terminology officially change, there will be a blog post explaining it.