The RP Writing Game

Welcome to The Q’taxians Role Playing Writing Game! 

Sorry about the quality… This took two days to make and at the last minute everything went to pot. Hopefully this video can still serve as a useful introduction to the concept behind the game!

What is “The Game”?
It’s an interactive role playing game designed to offer new and interesting ways to engage in social media prompts. I wanted to create a more in-depth and interactive version of the traditional tag game system. I wanted to combine my love of games (both table top and video) with my passion for writing. As a result, the framework of The Game was born! Thematically based on “The Q’taxians” web series, “The Game” aims to add an RP element to writing games and challenges.

How does it work?
First, you’ll want to pick your class! This will determine what kind of specialized prompts you’ll receive. Once you find one that you like, click the button and you’ll be brought to an Google Sheets document where you can enter your preferred name. This is where your stats will be recorded.
Second, every day you’ll want to check in for universal prompts or “quests”. Anyone can participate in these, but only people who have chosen a class can get XP. Each class will have one day a week where they’ll have an additional custom prompt provided. Every time you take part in a “quest” you are awarded “XP” that is recorded on your Sheets profile.
As you “level up”, you’ll be awarded points. Points can be used to “purchase” perks (currently unavailable) to help you customize how you play.

Is any personal information collected?
Not at all. The sheets document will only ever have your chosen name and a series of marks noting whether or not you completed the day’s quest.

What is a quest?
Quests can be anything from a daily prompt to a daily word count challenge to a more in-depth critical thinking prompt.

How are Points/XP Accounted For?
Points and XP are recorded on your Sheets line. Each day there’ll be a form where you simply insert you chosen display name and check a box that you did the daily. There’ll also be a class drop down to determine whether or not you had a class prompt that day. If you did, same thing, check the box. BUT! For class prompts, a link to your post or snippet of what you wrote will be necessary to count as completed. Where daily quests are pretty automated and 100% on-your-honor, class quests carry a bit more weight. As a result, they’re worth more for completing. All XP and points will be recorded on your line on your class’ Sheets page.

Can I lose XP or Points if I miss a day?
You miss out on what you could have earned, but your existing points, level, and XP will not be affected.

Can I play more than one class?
Sure! You can even use the same name, but each class will level independently and XP & points will not be shared.

How are points earned?
Your points gained are worth your level. Earning points starts at level 4. Basically, if you’re level 4 you get 4 points, if you’re level 5 you earn 5 granting you a total of 9 points. It goes on like this through all the levels so starting early means you an stockpile points well in advance of the “point shop”!

Right now, we’re in Phase 1 of “The Game”. In this phase, I will be setting the groundwork for the game to grow on. Right now, you can:
-Choose Your Class
-Set Up Your Sheets Profile
-Participate in Daily Prompts
-Participate in Class Specific Prompts
-Earn XP and Level Up
-Earn Points to be spent in a later phase.
There’s much more in the works, but I wanted to get this rolling now to see what kind of engagement this idea can muster.
Phases are not exclusive events. They are merely versions of the game. As it expands, it will enter different phases.
I’m hoping to work out a better approach than google sheets. In the near future, I’ll be working towards a proper forum interface, but at the moment, sheets will do the trick.

Choose Your Class

Below you’ll find six classes divided between two schools of magic. Pick the one that you feel suits you the best. I plan on adding a “Class Quiz” down the line that will randomly generate a suggested class, but for now, it’s entirely up to you!
Once you’ve decided on your class, click their button and you’ll be redirected to a form. Simply fill out your display name and email address if you’d like to receive your response in your inbox.
After that, you’re ready to start gaining XP & Points on June 1!

Blood Magic

Blood Magic is a manipulation of Void elements unique to mortals. Denizens of the Void cannot practice blood magic and, at the same time, they are considerably weak to it. The mastery of Blood Magic requires the ability to master both corruption and some kind of aptitude in mortal skills.


Music is an abstract mortal concept. The ability to wield it in an active manner is the realm of an Audiomancer. They are able to use the power of music and song to conjure all kinds of spells both offensive and defensive as well as empowering allies. Audiomancers tend to already have an aptitude toward music in one way or another. Whether it’s singing or playing an instrument, Audiomancers are adept using sound to turn the tides of mortal combat.


Technology as we know it is not a concept of the Void. Engineers are mortals who are capable of combining mortal technology with Void magic or crystalline components. As the name suggests, these are people who are mechanically adept and know how to build and maintain complicated machinery. The knowledge of Void integration comes innately to them. An Engineer is key to creating sustainable technology in a Void corrupted world. A good Engineer is never far from their tool kit.


Protection is a purely mortal concept. The Void is mostly an offensive force that cares little for defending its subjects. Each spawn is expendable. Mortals view each other differently. Wardens are strong people who pride themselves on their martial prowess. They are bulwarks capable of enforcing their own defenses with the Mist. Wardens stand on the front line of conflict and act as the first line of defense against the Void’s invading forces.

Void Magic

Void Magic is magic that is native to the Void. Both denizens of the Void and mortals can master Void Magic. Mortals using Void Magic are using direct translations of Void-born abilities. While notably different from their origins, they an be traced directly back to the Void.

Shard Shaper

Shard Shapers are individuals who can manipulate crystals in order to create totems or anchors. Totems and Anchors are beacons of power. Depending on the cut, they represent different things. Crystals are often used by the Void as weapons, but in the hands of a Shard Shaper, they’re capable of becoming not only works of art but invaluable items of personal protection and empowerment. Anyone can wear a crafted totem, but only a skilled Shaper can create an effective one.

Spawn Tamer

Spawn Tamers are capable of turning lesser spawns against the Void. These creatures are far more sapient than many assume. They require convincing and negotiating to be lured away from their cruel masters. It takes understanding and respect to counter the fear and intimidation enforced by the Void. Spawn Tamers tend to be very empathetic with a passion for animals. A converted spawn responds only its master’s commands. In taming a spawn, you are accepting the responsibility of caring for and protecting it just as you would have them do for you. 

Sigil Weaver

Sigil Weavers are able to envision physical representations of desired results. This requires a creative mind capable of abstract thought. Sigil Weavers have an aptitude for visual art primarily in the realms of painting and sketching. Advanced Sigil Weavers have grown accustomed to replicating and fabricating complex sigils under adverse conditions. Sigils can be used to lay traps, ward locations, empower allies, and cast offensive spells. Sigil Weavers carry tomes that are interlinked through dimensions via the Void. These books hold all sigils recorded on their pages throughout space and time.