Returning home from Q’taxia, Sylus is immediately put to the test.

He must quickly find a way to balance domestic life with his new obligations as a Voidlord as well as overcome so brand new unforeseen obstacles.

Will he be able to work things out? Or will he crumble under the pressure?


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Sylus must return home with Qaitax and Saari. The trip is far from uneventful as memories and the minions of the Void seek to cut his new life short.

Part 1

Parting may be sweet sorrow, but returning can be a hell all its own.

Original post date: 01/07/2020

Part 2

Desperation and despair. What hope could be found in such dark times?

Original post date: 01/14/2020

Part 3

Help can be found in unexpected places.

Original post date 01/21/2020

Part 4

Aria works her magic and sets Sylus on the road to recovery. But can he sit still long enough?

Original post date 01/28/2020

Part 5

Home is where the heart is. Where those who love each other can come together in peace and acceptance.

Original post date 02/04/2020

Parents can be many things. A distraught mortal fighting for the best life they can give their child or an ancient being thought incapable of love.

Part 1

Memories of the past can haunt the present.

Dreams of better days can bring warmth and comfort.

Original post date: 02/11/2020