Violet Prelude Changelog

Here you will find any plot-relevant & technical changes (excluding simple typos) made throughout the editing phase of Violet Prelude.
This list will be updated as the process proceeds.
* Marks major plot or structure changes.

Chapter 9 Across the Universe: Location images resized

Chapter 9 Across the Universe, page 3: Jeron acknowledges the state of his truck.

Chapter 9 Across the Universe, page 1: Enraged Haurex/Henley's dialog has been color-coded

Chapter 9 Across the Universe, page 3: Jeron acknowledges his guitar

Chapter 9 Across the Universe, page 5: Sylus' dialog was accidentally colored. This has been fixed.

Chapter 9 Across the universe, page 5: Sylus addresses his tendril

All Entries: Page break image added to end of each chapter after the lyric quote and the before buttons

Chapter 7 Sympathy for the Devil, page 2: Sylus' final conscious thought in the Void has changed

Chapter 8 Blood Red Skies, page 1: Qaitax addresses Sylus' tendril

Updated Prelude in Violet chapter cover art to be more consistent with the arc's art style

Fixed coding that accidentally broke the appearance of chapter title cards on home page

Re-added the "tentacle" break at the end of every chapter (Post lyrical quote pre buttons)

Created and installed custom button imagery for chapter navigation

Working on some artwork discrepancies, but it shouldn't affect the live posts. This is mainly backend maintenance.

0.8: Blood Red Skies - Removed the color from Qaitax's dialog tags. Only his spoken words should be violet. I'll be fixing that across all chapters as I go.

0.8: Blood Red Skies - Some rather major word choice and typos have been rectified (big thanks to Grammarly)

MAJOR CHANGE! Two new chapters have been added to the arc changing the total stats (see arc's cover listing). This was done instead of creating a very short mini-arc.


1.) Xanthous Cantata has been swapped with Emerald Adagio. This means that in the current line up, Xanthous Cantata is now the third intended arc for the series and Emerald Adagio is the second up and coming one.

2.) Chapter 4 has been edited to contain allusions to the up-coming "Emerald Adagio" arc. These scenes were in the original plot outline, but were avoided at the time of writing in case the sequences they led to took longer to come about. Since swapping Emerald Adagio with Xanthous Cantata, it became important that these scenes were re-introduced.

All chapter entries are now in "dark-mode". This means that the backgrounds are dark, but the text is light. This added a lot to the contrast with the colored text and is closer to the original mood of the story.
-Related projections: In case dark-mode causes any issues, I intend to add .pdf documents to each entry with traditional black text on a white background for accessibility.

Chapter 1: A Day in the Life.
-Henley's voice has been coded to xanthous (a shade of yellow)

Chapter 8: Blood Red Skies
-Sylus acknowledges that he still has his cell phone

Chapter 9: Across the Universe
-Reduced the level of damage to the Diner. Everything inside is destroyed, but the walls are still standing
-Modified Daniel's dialog a bit to better reflect someone his age. (This may still need adjustment)

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4:
-Completed recoloring all dialog
-Removed all title letters and page break "artwork"
--May return in the future

Chapter 2:
-Amended some of Henley's dialog to better match his speech pattern

Chapter 3:
-Fixed a SLEW of formatting errors. Not certain how they happened, but they should all be resolved now.

Chapter 11:
-Qaitax suddenly remembers that Sylus has to close his eyes in the Void. This may be reworked into something more subtly, but Qaitax's terrible memory makes this scenario plausible. It is not explained why because Qaitax doesn't know.
-Also removed title letters and page break "art".


This chapter long stood as a strange diversion from already established plot-points. I had made a few major tweaks to it, but in the end, it needed a complete overhaul to better fit in with the rest of the story around it.


Things to note:
-Saari has a more reasonable growth pattern
-Explanation of Q'taxian "genders" clarified
-There are no specters on Q'taxia
-Brother J'ohl is cannon
-Brother Tessen is not introduced
-Sylus has temporal issues that are prevented by a special tea brewed by Saari
-Yulia is still cannon
-The Brotherhood as a whole is still cannon


These changes have resulted in additional changes in the following Chapters: 9, 10, 11. These chapters have been adjusted accordingly to match what is now established in the revised Chapter 8.

New Inter-Page Navigation Introduced to Violet Prelude

Readers may now more clearly see options to continue reading at the end of every page/chapter. These navigation buttons are simple text links that should prove universally accessible across platforms. They will be labeled accordingly depending on whether you are going to the next page or the next chapter.

This will be implemented in Emerald Adagio soon.


Graphics Overhaul

Finally, all of Violet Prelude has been cleansed of the remnant artwork from an older version of the site. A lot of it was hiding in coding so it took a bit of digging to get rid of it, but it's gone now and I'm so happy that it is. Chapters should visually be much cleaner now.

Additionally, I have finally gone back and cleaned up all Voidlord dialog. Henley now speaks in a uniform xanthous color and both he and Qaitax's qualifiers and actions are no longer coded to the same color as their dialog.