About Wonderfully Weird

Wonderfully Weird is a free subsidiary magazine run under “The Q’taxians” brand name by Tavorie Jarrow.

The objective of Wonderfully Weird is to create a niche publication for LGBTQ+ creatives who tend toward the weirder things in life.

Wonderfully Weird aims to create a safe space for unconventional writers in the LGBTQ+ community. Humans are capable of some amazing things when they put their minds and imagination to work. We find a sort of strange allure and attraction to the bizarre. A fascination for things we may never understand. The vast expanse of space. The dark abyss of our oceans. The things that lurk just outside our view. The ones that haunt our dreams.

This sounds like a generic paranormal/horror publication. What sets Wonderfully Weird apart?
That’s a good question! In reality, there’s a fine line between this publication and every other, but I like to think that line is as simple as a focus on the utterly confounding.

How does it work?
Wonderfully Weird aims to be published on a quarterly basis. “The Q’taxians” social media accounts will announce and repeat a prompt for that quarter. These prompts could be a single word or an idea/concept. Submissions must in some way include or address that quarter’s prompt to be considered.
When you are ready to submit your work, you can do so via DM on Instagram or Twitter (@TheQtaxians). You can also submit via email to Tavorie@TheQtaxians.com
Once the submission process is complete, accepted entries will be compiled into a .pdf and distributed via mailing list OR direct request via social media. Those interested in automatically receiving the publication and updates will want to hop on the mailing list here:

What is “Weird Fiction”?
Think Lovecraft and Poe. Existential dread or a sense of looming evil. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article on it. It’s a bit abstract which is why paranormal and/or horror stories/images are also acceptable.

What is Wonderfully Weird looking for?
Short stories, poetry, or artwork. The submitter must be the one who created the piece.

What will Wonderfully Weird do with my work?
We will publish it along with other works in a quarterly magazine for public consumption. After this, Wonderfully Weird will not reproduce your work in any future publications unless express permission is obtained.

What can I submit?
The idea of the publication is to create something that is entertaining and engrossing, but also a bit uncomfortable for readers. We want to focus on the idea of getting out of comfort zones and experiencing bizarre and unexplainable things. Think r/nosleep. If you’re not familiar with Reddit, there are plenty of videos about the subreddit on YouTube. Long story short, think campfire stories. Tales of cryptids or strange encounters are more than welcome. Tales of the eldritch abyss are also perfect. Dreams and nightmares and the strange worlds between? Send it in!
Ultraviolence and sexual content will not be considered. There may yet be a lewd version down the line, but we’re starting with the universal audience first! You can describe something in graphic detail, like a corpse, but depictions of the act of killing or murdering another creature will be barred from consideration.
This does not mean your work has to be PG. Thinking in USA movie ratings system, we’re going for an R or M in video games. So mature but not “adult”.

What do I get in return?
At this point, if your submission is accepted, there is nothing to be gained besides having your work distributed along side others. Right now there is no monetary aspect to this publication. It is free to read and free to submit to.

Who owns my work?
As stated above, you do! You made it, it belongs to you. You are free to take it elsewhere and do whatever you’d like. Wonderfully Weird is simply asking for permission to reproduce your work in a free publication with full credit to original creators.